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Grow your local trade or services business by learning how to setup, manage and improve your Google Business Profile without stress and confusion.

  • Learn the importance of a Google Business Profile

  • How to set one up

  • Keeping it up to data and optimised

  • Communicating with potential customers

  • Handling common issues

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From Digital Novice to Online Pro...

Unlock the Power of Your Google Business Profile in Six Pivotal Steps!

Laying the Foundation

Understanding Google Business Profile.

Your Digital Storefront

Setting Up and Optimising you Google Business Profile.

Showcase with Impact

Photos, Videos, and Engaging Content.

Build Trust

Gathering, Managing, and Leveraging Reviews.

Engage and Inform

Mastering Google Posts and Q&A to drive traffic and convert leads.

Refine and Succeed

Insights, Analytics, and Advanced Features.

WHY Read & use this book in your business?

Before vs After Google Business Profile

  • Lost in the digital maze.

  • Unnoticed Google Business Profile.

  • Customers can't find me online.

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  • Now a standout in the digital crowd.

  • A fully optimised Business Profile.

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  • Mastered digital marketing.

  • Profile mirrors business's excellence.

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What People Are Saying

"As a local builder, I felt lost online. This guide not only made sense of Google Business Profile for me but truly transformed my online presence. Bookings have doubled!"

- Tom W, Builder

"I never realised the potential of GBP until I read this guide. The steps were easy to follow, and the results? Simply outstanding. A must-read for every local business!"

- Sasha R, Salon Owner

"From the clear explanations to actionable tips, this book is gold for anyone looking to make their mark locally online. My electrical services are now the talk of the town!"

- Liam P, Master Electrician


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not tech-savvy. Will this guide still be relevant and understandable to me?

Absolutely! Our guide is crafted with local tradespeople in mind, breaking down each step in simple, actionable terms. Whether you're a digital novice or seasoned online navigator, this guide ensures everyone can achieve a standout Google Business Profile.

Does my local business really need an optimized Google Business Profile? I've done fine without one so far.

While traditional methods of gaining customers are valuable, an optimized Google Business Profile ensures that you remain competitive in today's digital era. Think of it as your 24/7 storefront online, helping new customers discover you and choose your services with confidence.

I've tried online marketing guides before, and they didn't deliver results. How is this one different?

Our guide focuses solely on the Google Business Profile – a cornerstone for local online visibility. By specialising in this essential platform, and drawing from proven strategies tailored for local trades, our guide provides a roadmap designed to bring tangible, impactful results.

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